PS Audio Dectet Power Center € 649,00 € 599,00


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MIT Shotgun S3.3 Proline interlinks XLR 1,0 meter

€ 1.599,00 € 695,00

MIT Shotgun S3.3 Proline interlinks in nette gebruikte staat in originele verpakking. set 1 meter 695 euro. 


Fans of the previous Shotgun interconnect will recognize similarities in this interconnect as a top performer. Available in single ended or balanced configurations, the S3.3 is the perfect mate for the Shotgun S3.3 Speaker Cable. With complimentary articulation plots, The S3.3 combination leaves little to the imagination by delivering all of the immediacy and impact of a live performance, while maintaining the finesse required for long listening sessions. 8 poles of articulation.