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Kemp Lo Power Cord

€ 100,00

Many of our customers and dealers asked us to develop a thinner, more flexible version of the successful HI POWER CORD. We added a second goal to this request: to develop a very moderately priced power cord giving a significant improvement over any standard power cord. These goals resulted in our LO POWER CORD. It is a high grade, thinner flexible cable with a diameter of 9 mm/0.35" that can be tucked away easily if needed. Also available with the 'figure 8' connector.

  • 9 mm/0.35 inch diameter, very flexible
  • 5 conductors of 0.75 mm²/AWG 18
  • 51 copper litze wires per conductor
  • OFC, to obtain the most natural timbre
  • Very good suppression of EMI & RFI
  • Plugs partially filled with AAT mix and resin
  • WA-Quantum Chip in IEC connector
  • Available with a wide range of mains plugs and connectors
  • Also available pigtail or with cable gland
  • Length 1.5 m, other lengths upon request