MIT Shotgun AC1 2 meter € 799,00 € 269,00


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Kemp Power Cord Plus

€ 295,00

By means of listening sessions and extensive research we were able to improve the quality of our POWER CORD. The POWER CORD PLUS has a unique insulation which takes care for a faster and more transparent sound. We have made the interweaving of the jacket more dense, through which it gives a better shielding. We were able to obtain a OFC of 99,999%. The 24-carat gold-plated plugs are ensuring you a better conductivity of the contacts.


  • 0.5 inch / 12mm diameter, very flexible
  • 5 conductors of 1.5 mm²/AWG 15
  • OFC, to obtain the most natural timbre
  • 24 carat plated plug and connector
  • Unique insulation with very low dielectric losses, even lower than Teflon®
  • Very good suppressing from EMI and RFI
  • Surrounded by a conductive polyester braided sleeving
  • Mains plug filled with AkikoAudioTuningmix and resin
  • WA-Quantum Cable Chip applied to the cable
  • Plugs and cable cryogen treated
  • Mains plugs: Schuko(EU), US, UK (straight and angled) and Australian
  • IEC plugs: C14 and C19, but also available with Furutech C7 connector and unique earth wire
  • For the biggest part (90 %) burned in
  • Length 1.5 m, other lengths upon request