MIT AVt MA proline XLR 2 meter € 1.600,00 € 895,00


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Kemp Power Cord Reference

€ 595,00

11 fold shielded, unique in the world of audio

In the audio & video world the term "reference" is used all too frequently. In our opinion nearly always just to give products a perceived higher quality from a marketing perspective. We strongly feel that the term reference should only be used for the very best possible. A product where other products are measured by. It took a long time before we decided to use the "reference" label for one of our products. But with our POWER CORD REFERENCE it really was the only option.

Only in rare occasions we have heard a similarly sounding power cord. But in all cases they had a considerably higher price tag... 

  • 16 mm in diameter, relatively flexible
  • 8 X 1 mm²/17 AWG, 1 X 4 mm²/11 AWG
  • 11 shieldings, star earthed
  • superior suppression of EMI and RFI
  • HPOFC (High Purity Oxygen Free Copper) conductors
  • Unique dielectric, our special plastomer
  • High quality plugs, 24 Carat gold plated
  • Mains plug filled with AkikoAudioTuningmix
  • Plugs and cable cryogen treated
  • WA-Quantum Cable Chip applied to the cable
  • All contacts are treated with DeoxIT and SilClear
  • Silk sleeving
  • Burned in for the greater part (90%) using our Ultimate Cable Cooker
  • Comes in 1,5 m/5 ft as a standard. All lengths are available upon request
  • C13, C19 or C7 connector