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Kemp Power Cord Reference SOTA

€ 995,00

11 fold screened, unique shielded connectors

The eleven shielding screens within our POWER CORD REFERENCE result in a very effective suppression of elektromagnetic pollution. However, even in a power cord of reference status, the connectors (which are not shielded!) will allow some pollution coming into the cable. With the introduction of the new Furutech Piezo Ceramic series connectors, this problem is finally delt with. The ideal power cord is born!

The POWER CORD REFERENCE SOTA is a POWER CORD REFERENCE terminated with Furutech connectors. SOTA means State-Of-The-Art and this adjective properly describes our POWER CORD REFERENCE with these stainless steel connectors. The use of exclusive metals like Rhodium and truly new and patented technologies concerning Piezo-electric ceramic materials characterize these connectors. Also, the finish is exceptional. The best of two worlds meet in our POWER CORD REFERENCE SOTA. Some qualified dealers already consider this power cord to be the very best on the market.


  • 16 mm in diameter, relatively flexible
  • 8 X 1 mm²/17 AWG, 1 X 4 mm²/11 AWG
  • 11 shieldings, star grounded
  • Superior suppression of EMI and RFI
  • HPOFC (High Purity Oxygen Free Copper) conductors
  • Unique dielectric, our special plastomer
  • WA-Quantum Cable Chip applied to the cable
  • All contacts are treated with DeoxIT and SilClear
  • Stainless steel shielded connectors
  • Burned in for the greater part (90%) using our Ultimate Cable Cooker
  • Comes in 1,5 m/5 ft as a standard
  • All lengths are available upon request
  • C13, C19 or C7 connector.