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GigaWatt LC-3 MK3+

€ 990,00

The LC-3 MK3+ is an improved version of the high quality power cord designed to power hi-end audio and video systems. This cable is also optional accessory for the reference GigaWatt conditioners.

LC-3 MK3+ is a new generation cable, which was designed based on experience gained during work on our flag cable LS-1. In the construction of the cord a new conductor with high conductance, which allows for lossless energy flow. The work lines are built-up with eight solid-core conductors, each with a cross-section of 1.5 QMM, made from high purity electrolytic copper. The LC-3 has three times the cross-section of the work lines of the LC-1 MK3+. Dielectric is polyethylene and the external isolation of the cable is made from PVC. The cable is additionally protected by a plastic braid and an electrostatic mesh, which protects from buildup of electrostatic charges and mechanical strain. Very large cross-section of the cable guarantees minimal resistance and practically unconstrained current flow. On the other hand the relatively high intrinsic capacitance of the cable, coming from the geometry of the conductors, provides splendid filtering and damping capability for a wide range of distortion. The work lines are protected by a static shield, made from laminated aluminum foil with a copper flow wire. The tight shield covering 100% of the surface of the cable protects very well against unwanted external noise and spreading of internal distortion. In the construction of the cable much attention was devoted to minimize the vibration by the electromagnetic field induced by the conductors. All parallel wound conductors together with the shield are covered with a mantle, which damps unwanted vibration.

The cable is terminated with high quality, proprietary plugs. Those are characterized with durable construction of high reliability and long life. Those plugs guarantee proper current flow from the power grid. Their solid connectors are made from gold plated brass, what allows for low connection resistance and many connection cycles without losing their parameters. In addition the plugs have been cryogenically treated and were de-magnetized. All conductors are connected without usage of solder, and the connections within the plugs are bolted, what results in optimal performance and high reliability.

The LC-3 MK3+ fares best as a power cable powering the whole system. Due to its high cross-section it is especially recommended to serve in places with high current flows. This cable is also available in high-current version as LC-3HC MK3+, being optional accessory for the flag conditioner PC-4 EVO. In this version the cable is terminated with a PowerCon 32 Amp plug, designed to transfer currents up to 32A. The cable in the Box version is packaged in an ecological, wooden box.

Leverbaar vanaf 1,0 meter.

1,5 meter (standaard) 990 euro