• Furutech FT-111 (R) / (G)
    Furutech FT-111 (R) / (G)

    High End Performance RCA connectorRATINGFT-111(G)

    4 pcs/setFEATURESWhether you’re an OEM manufacturer, a DIY audio hobbyist or just an audiophile looking to improve musical performance, you have…

    € 27,00
  • Furutech FP-110(G)
    Furutech FP-110(G)

    High Performance Audio RCA ConnectorsRATING24k Gold plated

    FEATURES・α (Alpha) OCCConductor center pin
    ・Copper alloy body and locking collet • Fluoropolymer insulation

    € 30,75
  • Furutech FP-162(G)
    Furutech FP-162(G)

    High Performance Audio RCA ConnectorsRATINGEutectic cast copper alloy central pin
    24K Gold platedFEATURES・α (Alpha) Eutectic cast copper alloycenter pin
    ・Copper alloy body and Fluoropolymer…

    € 9,00
  • Furutech FP-126(G)/ (R)
    Furutech FP-126(G)/ (R)

    FP-126(G)/ (R)
    High Performance Audio RCA ConnectorsRATING(PCOCC central pin)
    Rhodium plated or 24k Gold plated
    FEATURES•α (Alpha) OCC Conductor center pin
    •Copper alloy body and fluoropolymer insulation

    € 13,00