W & M Weber & Maurer LS-03 bi-wire kabel

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€ 9,90

Weber & Maurer LS-03 bi-wirekabel 9.90 p/m.

diverse afwerkingsnivo`s mogelijk.

keuze uit diverse spades en banaanpluggen.

compleet doe-het-zelf-pakket mogelijk met kabel, spades/banaan, adereindhulzen, kous en krimpkous.

bv: doe-het-zelf-pakket 2 x 2.5 meter vanaf 69.90.

afgewerkt zoals op foto 2 en 3 met LOK vergulde bananen kant en kaar 2 x 2,5 meter bi-wire voor 128,50.

tegen meerprijs ook compleet gemonteerd mogelijk.

Our bi-wire audiophile speaker cable has now attained a reputation for technical excellence and is the natural choice for any top flight hi-fi or home theatre application.

The loudspeaker cable employs a massive 12mm diameter dual ultra-high performance fully floating shield system. Continuous Cast Pure OFC, coupled with aluminium foil, tinned copper braiding, PVC, cotton ensures an unaltered signal transfer. Perfect for longer distances and when extra flexiblity is needed.

Expect amazing dynamics and holographic imaging. Expect pristine and effortless sound reproduction that actually sounds real. The cables have been bench tested against Chord, Wireworld, Nordost, Kimber and DNM with outstanding results.
This W&M Loudspeaker Cable was conceived to work in conjunction with the W&M interconnect and there are real benefits to be gained from using both interconnect and speaker cable within your system.

Technical Details:

Conductor Material: Continuous Cast Pure OFC Oxygen Free Copper

Outside diameter: 12 mm

Isolation: LDPE, aluminium foil, tinned copper braiding, PVC, cotton

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