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  • GigaWatt LC-1 MK3+
    GigaWatt LC-1 MK3+

    LC-1 MK3+ is a new, improved version of the cheapest, shielded power cable made by GigaWatt. The LC-1 MK3+ was designed to provide power to budget audio-video systems. This high quality power cable is also the standard accessory…

    € 180,00
  • GigaWatt LC-2 MK3+
    GigaWatt LC-2 MK3+

    LC-2 MK3+ is the new, improved version of the uncompromised power cable from GigaWatt. The LC-2 MK3+ was designed to provide power to audio and video components of the Hi-End class. This high quality cable is also the standard…

    € 480,00
  • GigaWatt LC-3 MK3+
    GigaWatt LC-3 MK3+

    The LC-3 MK3+ is an improved version of the high quality power cord designed to power hi-end audio and video systems. This cable is also optional accessory for the reference GigaWatt conditioners.LC-3 MK3+ is a new generation…

    € 990,00