• Oyaide Tunami GPXe
    Oyaide Tunami GPXe

    The "TUNAMI" is a powerful, high-speed and dynamic cable of a new generation. The short-pitch stranded PCOCC-A wire which has 5.5sq cross-section area actualizes high-power signal transmission. Its voltage endurance is 600V and…

    € 495,00
  • Oyaide Tunami GPX-Re
    Oyaide Tunami GPX-Re

    The first big wave of the TUNAMI power cable made a huge impact to the audio scene and it came to be recognized widely among audiophiles, sound professionals, foreign users and even audio beginners.For the TUNAMI GPX-R,…

    € 725,00
  • Oyaide PA-23 ZXe
    Oyaide PA-23 ZXe

    The pursuit of high-performance is arisen from our passion and spirit of challenge. These are true origin of our product making and reflected in the design of its molded plug which was newly attached to both terminals. The…

    € 339,00
  • Oyaide PA-22 ZXe
    Oyaide PA-22 ZXe

    Since PA-22 FX was released in 2006, we have gained many feedbacks from customers. Now taking them into an account, we redesign the molded plug to make it thin to fit the various circumstances. The material of the blade is made of…

    € 362,00
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