PS Audio NuWave DAC demo model € 1.295,00 € 795,00


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  • 02-07-2020 - Topservice en supersnel geleverd. Had aanvankelijk de verkeerde connectors besteld...  lees meer
  • 27-06-2020 - Wederom top geregeld door Erik!
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  • Kemp Lo Power Cord
    Kemp Lo Power Cord

    Many of our customers and dealers asked us to develop a thinner, more flexible version of the successful HI POWER CORD. We added a second goal to this request: to develop a very moderately priced power cord giving a significant…

    € 100,00
  • Kemp Hi Power Cord
    Kemp Hi Power Cord

    Without any doubt, the HI POWER CORD has been one of our long term stayers in our series of power cords. Always performing very well, with an excellent price/performance ratio. You can use it in a moderate setup as well as in a…

    € 150,00
  • Kemp Power Cord Plus
    Kemp Power Cord Plus

    By means of listening sessions and extensive research we were able to improve the quality of our POWER CORD. The POWER CORD PLUS has a unique insulation which takes care for a faster and more transparent sound. We have made the…

    € 345,00
  • Kemp Power Cord Reference
    Kemp Power Cord Reference

    11 fold shielded, unique in the world of audio

    In the audio & video world the term "reference" is used all too frequently. In our opinion nearly always just to give products a perceived higher quality from a marketing…

    € 595,00
  • Kemp Power Cord Reference SOTA
    Kemp Power Cord Reference SOTA

    11 fold screened, unique shielded connectors

    The eleven shielding screens within our POWER CORD REFERENCE result in a very effective suppression of elektromagnetic pollution. However, even in a power cord of reference status, the…

    € 995,00
  • Kemp Elektroniks  POWER STRIP
    Kemp Elektroniks POWER STRIP

    An Audio Grade Power Distribution for your entire audio & video system

    The POWER STRIP has been developed with only one goal: to achieve the very best power strip for your A/V set. Our entire knowledge and development results…

    € 495,00