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W & M Audio BC-01 Balanced XLR audio interconnect

€ 139,00


Weber & Maurer W&M Audio BC-01 Balanced XLR audio interconnect.

1.5(139 euro) meter.

Our flagship Audiophile XLR interconnect has now attained a reputation for technical excellence and is the natural choice for any top flight hi-fi or home theatre application.

The best cables deserve the finest plugs. So naturally we have designed a superb new reference plug. The specially designed XLR plugs are heavy duty polished silver plate with 24kt gold pins and provide the most airtight symmetrical connection.

The interconnect body itself has a massive 13.5mm diameter triple layer fully floating shield system. Continuous Cast Pure OCC, coupled with Internal/external Teflon dielectric ensures an unaltered signal transfer. The shielding system and a Ferrite Core Filter virtually eliminate any induced RFI. This also helps speed up the "break-in" period allowing you to enjoy these cables straight out of the box!

Expect amazing dynamics and holographic imaging. Expect pristine and effortless sound reproduction that actually sounds real. The cables have been bench tested against Chord, Wireworld, Nordost, Kimber and DNM with outstanding results.

Technical Details:
-Conductor Material: Continuous Cast Pure OCC
-Outside diameter: 13.5 mm
-RFI eliminating Ferrite Core Filter
-With certification card and presentation box