Furutech G-314Ag-15Plus E

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€ 218,00

G-314Ag-15Plus E
High Performance Studio Power Series


The ever popular G-314Ag cable terminated with the new FI-15 Plus series
• Silver-plated Alpha μ-OFC Conductors 
• Shielded with stranded-wire braid for superior noise isolation 
• High-performance beautifully-engineered gold-plated IEC [FI-15 Plus(G)] and Schuko connector [FI-E11 (G)] 
o Male: Gold-plated nonmagnetic α Alpha phosphor bronze 
o Female: Gold-plated nonmagnetic α Alpha pure copper 
• Furutech’s unique wire-clamping mechanism guarantees ultra-firm connections 
• Twin Flexible PVC sheaths improve vibration isolation 
• Insulated with high-quality polyethylene PE reducing capacitance 
•Overall length: 1.5M

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