GigaWatt LC-2 MK3+

€ 480,00

LC-2 MK3+ is the new, improved version of the uncompromised power cable from GigaWatt. The LC-2 MK3+ was designed to provide power to audio and video components of the Hi-End class. This high quality cable is also the standard accessory of the reference GigaWatt power gear.

The improved construction of the cable employs a new type of high conductance wire, which allows for lossless transmission of power. These wires consist of six solid core strands, each with 16 AWG cross-section, made from high purity electrolytic copper. The LC-2 MK3+ has twice the cross-section of the LC-1 MK3+. The dielectric of the cable is made from polyethylene, and the external isolation from PVC. The cable is also protected with a plastic, abrasion resistant braid.

In the construction of the LC-2 MK3+ much attention was devoted to the reduction of vibration of individual wires, which emit an electromagnetic field. All conductors and shields are engulfed in a plastic material damping harmful vibration. The large cross-section guarantees very low resistance and practically unconstrained current flow. The spiral geometry of the cable wires, combined with the high capacitance of the cable, results in splendid filtering and damping capabilities in a large interference spectrum. The wires of the cable are protected with a static shield, made from laminated aluminum foil. The shield is connected with a fillet wire, which runs through the whole cable length. The tight construction of the shield, covering 100% of the cable surface, protects perfectly against all kinds of external interference and precludes the appearance and spreading of internal interference.

The LC-2 MK3+ cable is equipped with high quality proprietary plugs, made to our specifications. Those plugs are characterized with low impedance of the contacts and long term connection stability, which allow for a reliable current flow from the power grid. Their solid connectors are made from thick gold plated brass, and underwent cryogenic treatment as well as a demagnetizing process. The plugs are bolted to the wires, without the usage of solder, what guarantees highest reliability and optimal performance of the cable.

GigaWatt LC-2 MK3+ is a power cable, which splendid electrical characteristics bring a visible improvement in the quality of sound and picture reproduction. The clear and full sound of the LC-2 MK3+ results in an especially expressive and musical reproduction, with ideal balance between all ranges of the sound spectrum. Vivid, deep and palpable sound is the main asset of the LC-2 MK3+ The boxed version of the LC-2 MK3 is sold in an ecological wooden enclosure.

Leverbaar vanaf 1,0 meter.

1,5 meter (standaard) 480 euro