GigaWatt G-040

€ 30,00

G-040 Schuko is a high quality power socket, designed to be mounted in a chassis. This product is a proprietary development of the company GigaWatt. This socket is especially designed to be fitted in an enclosure for a power device like a power strip, anti-interference filters or power conditioners – everywhere, where secure, reliable connection and lossless power distribution is required.

The reinforced carcass elements are made from black nylon. The socket is equipped with screw tightened connectors. The brass connectors were directly silver coated, without using any metal intermediate layer, usually there is a layer of copper or nickel added, but it would introduce a detrimental serial resistance and thus lower the voltage. A direct coating with silver minimizes the resistance of the connection to almost unmeasurable levels, close to absolute zero, what improves the sonic capabilities of the product. Strong, stable connection, bigger connection surface and a thick layer of silver guarantee perfect contact with the plug pins. Additionally, the socket was cryogenically processed and de-magnetized. To increase children protection, the G-040 socket can be additionally equipped with integrated anti-shock covers (increased shock protection, conform with VDE 0620). The socket has also appropriate markings on the chassis, which help in proper montage and help in identifying correct power polarization setting. The socket should be attached to the chassis of the device using bolts.

(the photographs present two sockets connected by power distribution rails; the latter are not part of the offered product and cannot be purchased separately)