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Gigawatt Audio Grade Switch Dual 16 of 20 Ampere

€ 239,00

G-C20A is a circuit breaker designed for Hi-End audio-video dedicated power lines

This device is manufactured in USA by the company Carling Technologies by special order and to GigaWatt specification. It has the role of an element controlling the amount of current flowing through the power line in audio-video installations. A hydraulic-magnetic switch is equipped with an induction coil, which produces a magnetic field proportional to the current flowing through it. When the threshold current is surpassed, this magnetic field causes the switch to disconnect the protected circuit. Due to the fact, that audio-video devices (especially current consuming power amplifiers) have a different power consumption characteristic compared to other household products, the maximum current threshold is set higher than with typical home protection circuitry. Compared to the standard 16A element, the higher value of 20A, employed not only due to impulse nature of the load, but also based on the analysis of peak and continuous power consumption of expanded Hi-End systems. Due to this we were able to set the perfect current threshold as well as timing of the switch operation, what allows us to protect the sensitive audio-video system circuitry we care most about. The advanced construction of the switch contains an innovative coil system, which has a core moving in a non-magnetic tube filled with special, oily fluid. This fluid can have different density, what allows for precise regulation of the delay characteristic and controlling the switching-off process. The switch is designed to ignore swift, peak load changes, which would trigger standard protection, and activates only when safe values are exceeded.

The G-020A installation switch does not have the typical shortcomings of thermal or case fuses, which are the result of their simple construction. All fuses – even the audiophile ones – besides the obvious protection capabilities, have one main weak point, which excludes them from usage in audio gear – they throttle the full power applied to the circuit. This flaw is the consequence of the very small diameter of the protective element, usually a thin copper, or silver wire – things the GigaWatt switch does not have.

The overcurrent switch G-020A excels with a very solid construction, high quality of internal elements, resistance to vibration and working stability independent of the ambient temperature. The casing of the switch is made from black phenol-formaldehyde resin, what guarantees high rigidity. It is also fire proof, melt proof, antistatic, has a low electric and heat conductivity with relatively high mechanical resistance. Internal components, which take part in current conduction, are made from copper details and connectors with large cross-section, the coil itself is made from thick, copper wire, which does not cause any throttling or losses. The main contact elements are made from silver with a large contact surface.

The switch should be mounted on a standard DIN rail, and it can be connected to bare wire or spade connectors. The construction of the switch prevents the contact of the palm or fingers with live connection elements. The switch is conform with all European norms, requirements, directives and technical approvals (CE, VDE).